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Aura Mulier is a project directed and designed by Laura Díaz, a 23 years fashion designer and digital marketing specialist.

Aura Mulier is a fashion brand from Barcelona, with local design and production. But Mulier is more than a brand is an experience, is a philosophy, a way of life.

Mulier talks about the power of femininity, an adjective strongly identifying women, even though many relate it to weakness. For many years, women have been forced to abandon their femininity to feel more valued. Mulier wants to recover that femininity and empower it. Seeing that women do not have to leave their femininity to feel more empowered or valued.

Aura Mulier is a fictional character that represents an archetype of a strong, independent, passionate and feminine woman. Who follows a women-oriented line that claims a strong, independent and passionate femininity from a fresh and young perspective.



02 portfolio

 Aura Mulier's silks 

 Carrusel collection  


03 Runway

Aura Mulier has had the honor of be part in several runways around the world 

 Doncaster fashion show 2019/2020, Doncaster, UK 

 Catwalk 2020, Saint Andrews, Scotland 


04 Editorial

Aura Mulier's clothing has been part of some Editorials.

 Solstice Magazine   


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